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1. What is your name? 


2. Where are you from? What is it like where you live?

new york.  the town im from is pretty boring tbh but there's a lot of stuff to do in the city and around there.

3. How old are you? 


4. Are you a boy or a girl? 


5. Do you like boys, girls, or both? 

i like anyone who is not a guy

6. Describe yourself in four words. 

literally always fucking tired

7. What do you think people first think when they meet you online?

i'm assuming they probably get an annoying vibe but i 110% do not give a crap

8. What do you think people first think when they meet you in real life? 

people tend to think i'm quiet.  i'm only quiet if i want nothing to do with you.

9. What makes you happy?

sleeping, rainy days, hoodies, and cute people

10. What really grinds your gears? 

people who are actually terrible

11. What is a big deal to most people but not a big deal to you? 

uh i guess like the weekend.  everyone always gets super excited but i am literally always working anyway.

12. What is a big deal to you but not a big deal to most people? 

uh i get really nervous talking on the phone, especially if it is a professional phone call.  

13. What confuses you?

the way people can go from being really cool to being literally the biggest fucking assholes

14. Are you an introvert or an extrovert? 


15. Do you draw?

no shit

16. What do you like to do in your spare time? 

i like to draww 

17. What is your specialty? 

i am known for drawing dogs

18. Do you have any fears? 


19. Do you have a fursona? 

hell yeah

20. What is your spirit animal? 

i don't know, i was really into spirit animals for like a week when i was 12, but i dont think i ever actually discovered what mine was

21. Where is your favorite place to be? 

i like melbourne in florida

22. What is your favorite type of weather? 


23. What is your favorite song? 

dopamine by third eye blind

24. What is the funniest thing you've ever seen on the internet? 

the adult swim video thats like the family chant and then the dark man takes the guys son and they all start screaming and the one guy in the purple shirt goes yip yip

25. What is your favorite website? 


26. Pick up the nearest book you can reach and flip to a random page. What is the first sentence in the second paragraph? 

"he took out one of the stones." its from the alchemist, a book my therapist wanted me to read, and i fucking hate it.

27. Do you like PC or Mac (or Linux)? 


28. Do you like Android or iOS (or Windows Phone OS)? 


29. What's your favorite possession? 

uh, it's honestly this picture frame my friend made for me and put a crappy black and white photo of 90s stephan jenkins in.
its the thought that counts.  it just makes me laugh so much.

30. What is your favorite type of cookie? 

warm chocolate chip cookies right out of the oven

31. What is your favorite beverage?

dr pepper

32. What is your favorite game? 


33. Tell us a funny childhood story. 

i lived with my friend and we were upstairs and she was downstairs.  we were like 3 at the time, and she came upstairs and put a whole bottle of lotion in my hair and was just like rubbing it into my head like it was shampoo.
we have it on home video.

34. Do you have a pet? 

i have a dog and a fish.  the fish isn't doing too great.  hopefully i'll be getting a beardie when we come back from florida.

35. Who is your favorite artist? (Links?) 


36. Have you ever stolen anything? 

yeah when i was small i stole a blues clues cup from this hardware store bc i was pissed when my mom said i couldnt have it
and i steal blue airheads from work like all the time

37. Has anyone ever stolen something from you? 


38. What is your favorite cartoon/video game character? 

does manectric count

39. What inspires you? 

so many things

40. Are you in a relationship? 


41. Do you have any crushes? 


42. Do you have an ex?


43. Are you a virgin? 

yeah im ace

44. What attracts you?

idk im really into girls with short hair and artsy girls
and im really attracted to like certain types of personalities.  idk i cant explain it >>

45. Do you move fast in relationships, or slow? 

i guess slow bc it takes me a lot to get over my nerves and to trust someone like that
and i feel like being let down by my ex might just hinder that bc it has caused my trust issues to just kind of like.  grow in size.

46. Do you think you are on the right path in life?

probably not

47. What is the meaning of life?

i want to say there isn't one but that sounds really depressing

48. What is stressing you out right now?

going back to school, gay feelings, people leaving

49. What calms you down?

uhh drawing and usually funny youtube videos
and like talking to a friend usually helps me

50. A train leaves the station heading west at 34 MPH, and another train leaves a station heading east at 25 MPH. a car heads north towards the train tracks at 65 MPH, and a man is walking southeast at 1 MPH while holding a glass of chocolate milk, which is spoiling at a rate of 10,000 bacteria reproductions per minute. A bird flies by going southeast at 25 MPH and poops at a 15 degree angle with a force of 5 MPH. A gust of wind approaches from the west blowing at 286 MPH and a giant watermelon explodes from the northeast with the force of 15 tons of TNT, casting large sections of delicious fruity goodness several thousand feet. Given all of this information, calculate the probability that pigs will mutate and gain not only wings but the ability to think intelligently and the chance that they will plot to hunt me down and eat my sandwich. 

this is too long i don't even want to read this

51. What are you wearing right now? 

my third eye blind tour shirt and black shorts with white music notes on them

52. What is your favorite thing to wear? 

big hoodies

53. On a scale of 1-10, how creepy are you? 

like a 6

54. Are you a pervert? 

i'm too ace for that

55. Have you traveled? Where is the nicest place you have gone? 

i've really only gone to florida.  i love it there.

56. Are you feeling it Mr. Krabs? 


57. What are you supposed to be doing right now? 

studying for my permit test and doing my ap english summer assignment 

58. How often are you on the computer? 

most of the day like every day

59. How often are you on DeviantART?

i don't go on here often.  i just post these things in my journal and use stash to get stuff from my phone to furaffinity.

60. What's something you just naturally know how to do? 

uh i'm good at organizing shit?

61. What superpower would you want to have? 


62. If you got 10 million dollars, what would you do with it? 

pay to get into a good school and get my parents a better house and i would definitely want to get a fursuit lol.

63. What is your favorite emote? 

: 3 c

64. What are you addicted to? 

uhhhhh dr pepper

65. What is something you can't wait for? 


66. What is your favorite quote?

i don't really have one

67. How do you wish you were different? 

i'm cool the way i am

68. Do you believe in aliens? 



me too pal

70. Do you want to get married? 

it doesnt matter to me

71. Do you want to have children? 


72. What is the best thing? 


73. What is the worst thing? 

ex girlfriends 

74. Tell us a fun fact about anything. 

third eye blind took 6 years to release their album dopamine

75. What would be the best day ever for you? 

i wake up and i don't have to go to work and i get to chill with cool people and maybe eat chipoltle

76. Do you like roller coasters? 


77. Are you religious? 


78. Are you in college? (What are you studying?) 

not yet

79. Do you have a job? (What do you do?) 

yeah i work at chuck e cheese as a party hose

80. What do you wish you had? 

a fursuit 

81. What is one thing you wish everyone in the world could agree on? 

uhhh like.  the fact that queer ppl are rlly fucking cool.

82. If you turned into an animal, what animal do you think it would be? 

i would have to be a lab

83. What kind of phone do you have? 

iphone 6 +

84. What is your favorite thing to look at? 


85. What is your favorite thing to smell?


86. What is your favorite thing to hear? 

third eye blind

87. What is your favorite thing to taste? 


88. What is your favorite thing to feel?

i am a sucker for fucking kinetic sand

89. Do you believe in ghosts? 

i don't know

90. Do you like hugs, or are you no-touch? 

i only like hugs with very specific people, other than that don't fucking touch me bc i'm gonna be uncomfortable

91. What's the most expensive thing you've ever bought? 

concert tickets

92. What do you miss? 

not being busy

93. What do you wish you were better at? 


94. What do you think about a lot? 

the past

95. Do you have any allergies? 


96. What is your favorite flash based game? (Link?) 

i don't have one

97. What is your favorite little kid show?

i don't currently watch any but i want to watch that new show with the bears

98. What is the best joke you know? 

my life

99. What makes you different than everyone else? 

i'm cuter than everyone else

100. Was this quiz worth it?

not really i should be studying for my permit test but i'm so fucking tired.

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